Rare Minerals Reiki Healing


Crystals have been used by the Earliest Civilizations as tools for healing and increasing levels of awareness; with each stone being specially selected for specific frequencies and properties.

They have been used to generate energy and enhance communication as well as talismans for peace and well-being.
The use of crystals is included in stories and cultural traditions throughout history around the world.

Although combining Reiki with the use of Crystals is relatively new, this branch of Reiki has the potential to transform your life.

Crystal Reiki utilizes the frequencies that reside within the earth and amplifies them through the power of Reiki Energy.

Crystal Reiki sessions are an energizing and healing experience because Reiki Energy is The Amplifier in the session.

By infusing these powerful vibrations with the consciousness of Reiki Energy, the shifts can be targeted and profound.

Crystal Reiki can connect you with the rising consciousness around you and help you align with it and use it to help yourself and others.

In a Crystal Reiki Session, Reiki Energy is coming from above through the Crown Chakra while the crystals used in the session bring in a grounding energy from the earth.

Together these energies work seamlessly so that the desired outcome can be achieved.