“Francesca provided me with a Reiki session when I was feeling low in energy, lacking direction and desperately in need of some healing after I’d had a turbulent few months. Her approach was comforting and I felt at home right away. I felt myself relax deeply into the treatment, able to let go and recharge. The next day I had more clarity and felt a lot more purpose-filled. I highly recommend her for Reiki and her ability to heal.”

Anisa T. - London.

“It was my first time doing Reiki, (also a first to do it with Francesca overseas) something I’ve always wanted to try. I was advised to do it with someone that I trusted and had positive experiences with, so when Francesca asked, I instinctually said yes right away. The hour long session was very calming, even though I was anxious for the experience. I felt tingly sensations as if water was washing over me. Francesca prepped me well so I was able to relax and even dosed off. The post conversation was very interesting and aligned with experiences around that time.
I felt a sense of acceptance of myself and my current journey after the session. I loved it.”
Lislie Y. - New York.

“I loved every second of my session with Francesca. She opened my heart to the vital importance in clearing my energies from time to time, in order to lead and live a happier life. The session made me feel reenergised, more focused and more opened to The Blessings The Universe has in store for me.”
Natasha L. - London.

“My reiki healing was quite an experience. Within 24 hours, my body started to flush all unnecessary toxins out; it lasted a whole week. After that week, I felt like a new version of myself; like I had gone through a total physical and mental body detox! The experience has changed my outlook on life. Francesca has a very beautiful and powerful gift.”
Julissa M. - Miami.

“As a crystal seller myself, I’m always blown away with Francesca’s crystal grids that she does before each session, it’s such a lovely way to begin. The next day I felt incredibly clear, people actually commented that I looked much more relaxed!”
Kate D. - London.

“I received a reiki crystal healing session from Fran three months ago. I am still feeling the effects and keep going back to our discussion afterwards. I actually felt my energy shift even before the actual healing session due to her beginning to lay out my grid. The most fascinating part is that this was done from across the ocean! I felt as if she was right next to me. It was one of the best reiki sessions I’ve ever had.
I highly recommend having a healing crystal reiki session with Fran.”
Carla G. - Los Angeles.

“I had a hip replacement 2 weeks ago. I was having swelling and pain down my leg. The Reiki Healing has helped me with the pain and the swelling is gone. Francesca has helped channel positivity, and peace. After the session, I felt relaxed and energized at the same time. I can truly recommend to have Francesca do a Reiki Healing for you and feel the benefits!!”
Joy J. - Phoenix.

“Reiki Healing with Francesca is an Incredible Experience!”
Marcia M. - Nashville.

“I had my Reiki session while on a beach in Bali. The Experience blew me away. I felt Francesca’s Energies and Her Love for Humanity. The session helped me shift the weight of My Childhood Traumas and finally move forward without carrying the guilt.”
Freddie F. - San Francisco.

“Being a Healer and Meditation Teacher, I was carrying the Energies I had “absorbed” from my own patients. Francesca gave me a ReikiSession, explained me the importance to release those Energies as soon as I finish the treatments on my patients. the session was eye opening and very out of this world. I am a Healer and Francesca is My Healer! Meditation with Francesca is a very unique experience. Her Distance Healing Sessions are Mind-expanding and Heart-stirring.”
Shalke S. - Amsterdam.

“We have been working intensely with Francesca and our Covid Patients as they leave our Intensive Care Units. Francesca has helped them deal mentally and physically in a way, their recovery was faster and those patients were able to move forward in a very positive way.”
Dr. Marotta - Epidemiologist - Paris.

“My session with Francesca was my first long-distance Reiki healing. It went beautifully and without any hitches. I could really feel her working on me. It is remarkable how this practice transcends geographical locations! I was at so much calm and peace after the session and it lingered
for days. I’m very grateful for what Francesca offers to the world. Wherever you reside, it’s a unique and deeply beneficial experience that I highly recommend.”
Davina G. - Kuala Lumpur.